Welcome to Tamlin's domain.  This is dedicated to his life although it was far too short.  Through these pages it is our hope that we can both educate and entertain you.  Although our main focus will be on the dread disease of feline leukemia, there are also things of beauty to see here. 

Tamlin's story can be quite amusing as with most cats that live with humans.  The photos also include the other members of our cat household.  The gifts section is some beautiful things that my graphic friends have made both before and after Tamlin became an angel in heaven.  The links are some that provided us the most support and learning during the time Tamlin was sick.  I've also included a section of graphics that I have made featuring my favorite little kitty. 

And most importantly, we've gathered some great medical information and tried to make it easy to follow.  So come visit with us for awhile, and you can brings your cats too!

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